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“Green Riders Tour”

From Freestyle Gardening to visiting farms and gardens across the country we’ll visit permaculture farms, organic farms, off the grid homesteads, sustainability centers, and more. By joining this adventure you’ll not only get to help others but also expand your knowledge and skills. Each day we ride an average of 50 miles before making camp or reaching our volunteer team waypoint for the week.
If you’re interested in bicycle touring, camping, volunteering and learning along the way then this is the adventure for you! Follow us on facebook as we journey together across the map…and even meetup with us along the way!
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Land Use

Imagine a world where families can walk or bike an urban trail to a safe, well-maintained public park, Where we can play and exercise on outdoor fitness equipment. Where our elders can easily travel to the city center where they can access many of the necessary amenities. Cities’ planning, zoning, and infrastructure investment can not only have a positive effect on health but can also foster community and keep some of our most vulnerable populations engaged, active and healthy from ages 8 to 80. How will you help make this a reality?

Healthy Foods

Access to healthy food is an important tool in obesity prevention. By providing citizens with healthy, affordable & easily accessible alternatives to foods with high caloric content and little nutritional value communities can lead by example in the fight against obesity. Cities have powerful planning, economic development, and public relations tools for attracting and supporting healthy food retailers, farmer’s markets and community gardens. Are you ready to take action?

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