Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be stewards of the environment and our community by helping create, grow, and maintain a sustainable habitat for every creature to live and thrive in.

Our Vision is a New Earth that is cared for by its inhabitants without worry or fear; that when one life is inspired to such an end the entire world can change & all of creation will heal.

Our Values 

Stewardship  |  Resiliency  |  Innovation   

Freedom  |  Responsibility  |  Integrity  


How do we live out this mission?


First we should recognize that our current way of living is not only unsustainable  but leading down a path that will grossly affect generations to come. We cannot continue to develop our cities and communities without realizing the negative effects of previously condoned ill-behavior that our earth, our bio-dome, and ecosystems have been forced to endure. Our landscapes have been developed into concrete jungles and urban hot-spots that prevent our planet from functioning at its most basic level of equilibrium. From climate change, “global warming” to weakened and nearly non-functional water-cycles, our culture must change direction and habits or face a future that is at best painfully uncertain.

Second we need to re-cultivate lifestyles of abundance, provision and a string work-ethic through the embracing of urban food production, alternative/active transportation methods and sustainable energy solutions. Shifting from a profit driven society leaders must emerge with the courage to return to a more balanced and centered model that embraces not only fiscal profits alone but  also prioritizes a resource based economy that profits all its people and the planet .  A lifestyle that is relational on the micro and macro level while encouraging others to succeed and thrive will have no concern for profits but will rather know the inherent value that a balanced ecosystem provides. The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Third we must work together in the spirit of collaboration and community being deeply rooted in the truth.

We're moving forward