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The ecocycling™ movement has been growing for over a decade now. Focused on increasing public and community awareness regarding current environmental issues through grassroots activities such as our #ecoART team by helping to shed light on environmental issues facing us as individuals, families, and communities. Our riders  keep an ear to the street and make sure our voices are heard by maintaining direct and engaged involvement in the community.  As the “Turtles of racing” we’re often not in a hurry and would rather develop relationships with those we meet along the way, because to us it is not how fast you get to the finish but the story of how you have grown along the way!

Our collaborative educational forums, expos and symposiums help to bring groups together in order to move towards a more sustainable future through the sharing of information, resources, and abilities. Our involvement in “greening” the landscape is taken to the next level with numerous beautification, cleanup and garden programs. From simply planting a single tree to creating urban and rooftop gardens we help to transition over developed and often cold looking cityscapes to a blanket of lush and living greenery. When we are not planting for the future you may find us cleaning up the litter, trash and waste left behind by others though our recycling or other pedal up to clean-up programs.

At Ecocycling™ we not only offer hands on volunteering projects but we also have important sustainable programs to keep you actively engaged and involved in the process. Ecocycling™ provides people with the tools and knowledge to make a difference in our environment.

Our volunteers go out on a regular basis to provide services to local parks, residential areas and businesses. Our projects include recycle a bicycle, tree planting, landscaping, street sweeping, recycling, public art, and mural creation. Become a volunteer
We provide an atmosphere of learning that uses working curriculum, forums, and conferences. Most important are our hands on and face to face workshops that provide field knowledge, solid resources, and critical environmental skills that forward the ability of those who attend while fostering a spirit of community.



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