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Pedal Up to Clean Up & Food Forest Trail

Its another Pedal Up to Clean Up community trail ride with Ecocycling Every 3rd Saturday atThe HUB 

The Ecocycling “FOOD FOREST TRAIL” and Adopt-a-Spot is an enjoyable and educational part of  Life.  Register/Learn More

The Ecocycling Adopt-a-Spot is an enjoyable and educational part of our LEAP Project (Leadership & Environmental Ambassador Program) that gives local community members the opportunity to contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment. It engages volunteers (individuals, community groups, business groups) to join in the effort to clean up our green spaces. Our main location is located in Norfolk, Virginia ( 36.890096,-76.278504 )

Location: 501 West 35t Street Norfolk VA

Date/time: Every 3rd Saturday 10-11am

Please call to confirm your participation 757-447-4308


Hello fellow cyclers! When autumn and winter are upon us that means spring is around the bend and its important to have fresh soil / compost for your gardens. So over you hibernation be sure to continue composting so we don’t run out of food for our crops by the summer.

Compostables 101

It was another pedal up to cleanup event with over 5 bags of litter picked up at GRANBY STREET PARK! Join us in keeping our enviroment eco friendly! @ecocyclingorg