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SITW Fest ∞ ECO Tips

SITW Festival is going to be an amazing weekend! 

We want to ensure that we’re being good stewards of our planet in the midst of the  musical celebration along the Virginia Beach waterfront. So we have complied a few ECO TIPS for our fellow adventurers during the festival.

“How to survive #SITWFest & leave no trace”


Instead of driving everywhere consider using public transit, going by bicycle and of course walking. For all you environmentally friendly campers its a short 30 minute bicycle ride to/from First Landing State Park !

Bike Parking: 10th-9th Street along the board walk & enjoy the walk


Stop supporting the sale of all those one use plastic bottles and bring  your own 32 once jug or better yet use refillable canisters and canteens (just no metal ones for thus event)!



Following the waste rules that you would use on a hiking trail is another easy way to keep the impact of festivals low. The aftermath of SITWF can be fairly low in comparison to other festivals, with your help. Make sure that everything you bring leaves with you. #leavenotrace

The Seven Leave No Trace Principles
  • Plan ahead and prepare (Be a “scout”).
  • Travel and sleep on durable surfaces (zzzzzz).
  • Dispose of waste properly (don’t littler).
  • Leave what you find (respect the planet).
  • Minimize campfire impacts (be careful with fire).
  • Respect wildlife (this includes people).
  • Be considerate of other visitors (make love not war).


Glitter is a major ocean pollutant. After it runs down your shower drain it washes out to sea. Since glitter is a microplastic, it can kill fish and other sea life that swallow the small particles. The good news is, you don’t have to give up being the sparkling festival queen you are. Cosmetic companies everywhere are starting to sell biodegradable glitter that’s still safe for skin. Swapping out your current glitter for something more environmentally friendly is one small change you can make to reduce your impact.


Learn more about #greenfestivals

Winter Wildlife Festival @cityofvabeach

​​​​January 20 – 22, 2017​ | Princess Anne​​ Recreation Center

This is your chance to witness winter wildlife all around Virginia Beach; whether it’s following fascinating bird activity, exploring the natural areas of our community or the musings of harbor seals near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Learn what it takes to properly observe and identify wildlife in their natural settings. View 2016 festival photos | View the 2016 bird species list

See complete schedule here

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Our new online registration system​​ allows you to use your email address to login or create an account. Open the registration page, then c​heck to see if you already have an account, by clicking ‘Sign In’ then “Forgot Your Password’. If you’re new, you can click on ‘Create an Account’​ to get started​​. Search Winter Wildlife Festival and sign up for the Main Registration first, then you’ll be able to register for individual sessions.​​​