Bike Kitchen

The #bikekitchen is a resource based practice and time banking economy that uses bikes as a pathway to encourage youth development, eco-education, community engagement, and healthy living.   

As a community initiative that facilitates life skills and environmental education our LEAP and eco-ambassador team is dedicated to the health, development, stewardship, and empowerment of the community.  Our education center aka THE HUB is located in Norfolk Virginia but often travels to other sites across the world to inspire #youthdevelopment,  #sustainability and #resiliency.

Want to give your time, talent or  resources to the #bikeworkshop?

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YOUTH PROGRAMS: We recognize the bicycle as a resource to foster self-assurance and creativity among young people. We teach basic bicycle mechanics and repair, promote environmental stewardship, run a after school youth club, and lead workshops on recycled arts. Many of our students also participate in community events and projects and go on to work in one of our partner bike shops throughout the city.

Earn-A-Bike: Students and community members alike have the opportunity to earn a bicycle by giving their time volunteering. Our Upcycling program inspires learning hands on skills throughout their time in the Bike Kitchen. Once they have learned basic bicycle mechanics through our 101 curriculum, students volunteer time after school and earn #bikebucks in exchange for a bicycle frame (24 Volunteer Hours = $240 Bike Bucks). Participants can build bikes for themselves, friends, and family members, too all while growing their gifts and abilities.

You’re never to old to help mentor the future generation. Consider volunteering with our sponsored school today and let’s make a difference together! 


**We gratefully and humbly thank those who have gone before us to show the way and reveal the path

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