thePLOT-logo-black– provides us with a network of spaces that allow for civic dialogue, recreation, horticulture and socialization. Encouraging individual & corporate public good. We do this by building better community relations with our neighbors, providing locally grown food to the community and helping to feed the food insecure. Biodiversity in urban land use development is essential for a sustainable and resilient population to thrive in its environment. This means the incorporation of more productive green space, such as community gardens, micro-farms, and rooftop gardens are necessary to meet the immediate needs of people.

For example, recent global and national studies have shown an increase in the need of affordable and nutritious foods in low-income, urban and rural areas known as food deserts. We’re growing towards an understanding of ecological interdependence, yet we still need insights from one another  about our developing world so that we may better work in harmony with each other.

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Create a network of informed and connected agricultural communities through healthy civic dialogue that; encourages consumption of locally produced food, equips others with the knowledge and skills to grow and empowers future generations.


  1. Provide local produce and nutritious whole foods to the community and food insecure.

  2. Educate community members on how to cultivate,  produce and maintain their own healthy food source.

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