Micro Farms

What is micro farming?  Micro Farming uses small pieces of land, usually urban or suburban plots up to four acres, to grow food crops and maintain small livestock or pollinators in an ecologically sustainable manner.
Park Place Peace Garden
Greater Park Place Peace Garden
With the demand for food on the rise, as well as prices, many people are literally taking this problem into their own hands.  Micro (mini) Farming is becoming the next big industry.  This may be one of the few industries that will thrive in the next 5-10 years.

Our residential garden or “Micro Farm” plan involves groups of gardens clustered in neighborhoods throughout our community.  The “clusters” allow for groups of volunteer  “micro farmers” to come from their respective community (although cross “pollinated” community helpers are viable and welcomed as well since they are socially beneficial).  Homeowners are not expected to be the farmers of their own properties but every co-worker is welcome to join us in our vocation.  Each Micro Farm is assigned to a team that works the cluster or “HIVE” and led by an experienced individual.  The homeowner simply volunteers to give a plot(s) that is 4′ by 25′ (length/width can be adjusted to fit the yard – no more than 5′ wide as the beds may not be tread upon).

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A cluster or “HIVE” of five or so gardens may be tended by a volunteer co/working group of micro farmers (planting/tending/harvesting) with  rotating responsibilities for tending over the planting seasons and involved during maintenance and harvesting (as needed).
There is also a PLOT team responsible for collecting produce at the pick up sites and taking it to the points of need for distribution.

Lambert’s Point Micro Farm

Join a compost team near your home & help supply food scraps for soil nutrition.

The scope of the mission and the ultimate goal is to build 100+ micro farms in Hampton Roads.  It is our plan to closely monitor production of each plot – this will be an assigned role and we anticipate developing accurate and valid data from the farming project.

chicken-and-eggWe consider the data to be valuable as it develops over time.  At this point in time, suffice it to say that there is the ability to grow enough food so that people are no longer hungry – this kind of mission may show itself to be a key to accomplishing what has never been accomplished before.  Some key elements are the fact that there will be large numbers of  micro farms planted over a large widespread area which are integrated into the urban and suburban landscape while bringing growing numbers of people back to the soil by being dedicated to the process of growing fruits and vegetables for others in the community. Remember fruits and vegetables aren’t the only thing we’re growing; from chickens to bees and worms a strong and balanced ecosystem requires a diversely populated habitat!

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