Environmental Murals

The Hub: Earth Science, Urban Ecology & Economics Facility (“Looking Glass” mural project)

In an otherwise urban landscape in the Hampton Roads, murals are a great way to enhance the view and break up the monotony of plain buildings.  In 2014, the City of Norfolk commissioned two mural artists for Bob’s Gun Shop and the Grace Street Grille.  Both of these murals are part of the blossoming Norfolk Arts District on the edge of downtown.  Our intent is to take a “greener” way of looking at these canvases of concrete and creating a beautiful #ecofriendly view for all people to enjoy along their travels.


and depending on the subject of the mural, the artwork can start a conversation and even raise awareness about environmental sustainability.  Engaging different groups of people for murals also connects people based on similar goals and values for their neighborhoods.

moss mural

Some mural artists actually use nature as their medium:  moss graffiti uses a mixture of moss and a thickener such as buttermilk to create a paintable liquid.  The moss can then be painted onto a wall where it will grow, adding dimension.  This living mural is unique in how it incorporates a natural element in place of harsh chemical-based paints.


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