LEAP Educational Workshops

Leadership & Environmental Ambassador Program

Where adventure & ecoART cross paths

We offer two-hour Eco-Art Workshops to students before our Eco-Adventures. The workshops are interactive and include: Educational, hands-on #ecoART activities based on environmental benefits, upcycling, non-point-source pollution, urban food production, and a historical perspective of the  ecosystem and surrounding waterways.

Learn about & explore trails

Create murals & other works of art

Restore our waterways 

Help keep our communities clean #retainyourrain

We also offer exciting field trip opportunities to groups upon completion of the initial workshops. While exploring both urban green space and tranquil remote habitats. Classes make their own watercolor painting to reflect creatively the immense beauty, wonder and diversity of life contained in coastal margins.

Adventure activities include bicycling, paddling and sailing lessons, birding, watercolor painting, studying and observing local ecology, and expanded science activities for walking, bicycle and vessel based programs.

Register for our next workshop via email: info@ecocycling.org

***Walking, bicycle or vessel adventures are available to groups of 3-12 participants and require training  program to include signing a waiver prior to the activity.




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