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New Year’s Resolutions

No…we’re not late we are on time we’re just the Turtles of racing. Since the New Year is here and by now most of us probably have thought of our resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. For the more industrious, these goals were put to pen a month ago and spell out an elaborate plan of action. Of course, it can’t be started until the New Year. This gives time to squeeze in as much “unruly” behavior as possible. There are probably scientific studies out there somewhere and statistics to show how well, or not well, we keep up with these resolutions. Just from personal experience and observing others, life happens, old habits remain or haven’t changed as much or as quickly as we had expected. Then, a sense of failing sets in. We may decide to throw in the towel at that point. Can we change, be more resolute, and leave behind the guilt of not meeting our own expectations? Take a deep breath. Rest at ease, because the answer is an emphatic, YES. Perhaps our success first comes in changing how we view and approach it. This is THE year to do what we strive for and to be who we want to be.

Plug in the word ‘resolution’ into the online dictionary and you get a few versions of what it means. One reads, “something that is resolved.” This is how we’ve been doing our resolutions – rigid, definite, no room for error, and downright not human. Okay, maybe some of you are good at this. Here’s another definition for the-less-than-perfect. Resolution is the act or process of resolving. Ah, this one may fit better with ‘process’ being the operative word. Understanding that it doesn’t have to be a do-or-die approach, we allow ourselves to be human all while taking steps forward. Inherent in this approach is thinking small…micro thinking.