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Bike Transit Tips

Public transit and biking go hand in hand. Our buses, light rail and ferries with bikes are a winning combination! They are the best ways to reach all the cities across Hampton Roads without hopping in your car. Here are a couple of tips to remember when traveling with your bike.

For the bus—

When exiting the bus, alert the driver that you will be unloading your bicycle.

Never step to the street side of the bus to load or unload your bike.

Make sure the operator sees you while you’re loading and unloading your bike. Make eye contact.

For the train—

Never ride your bike on a train platform; always walk it.

Squeeze the bike’s brake handle when the train is accelerating or coming to a stop to prevent the bike from rolling.

Don’t force your way onto a crowded train with your bike; wait for the next one.

You can make a pit stop at MacArthur Square to refresh the air in your tires or make minor repairs at the Traffix Bike Work Station.

For the ferry—

Use the bike racks available; hanging your bike allows for more room for people and bikes.

Bus and Train tips may be found in the book: How to Live Well Without Owning A Car by Chris Balish.