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One mans trash is another mans treasure…the question is what are you going to do about it?

The “fruits of
our Labor”- what are we doing with what’s been entrusted to us? Why are we
holding on to what we have? In order to Live we must breathe. As we exhale we empty our lungs of what was
and give up what once sustained us.
Looking for the next breathe of wind to carry us through the day. The beautiful
thing about breathing is that unless you exhale you can never breath in and
receive whats new and fresh. The same is true for giving. Think of all the
gifts you have been given this year, since your birthday even in the last few
days. How about the trips to the store and what about the intangible gifts and
talents? These are the treasures that we are to share and spread through giving
the “breath of fresh air” to another. What is it to hold on to your ability or
skill if there is someone next to you who has a need or even want for what you
have. Are you willing to give, to share to teach someone else the importance of

There are different types of giving. We
can give a tangible object, our time and our talent the intangible gifts that
last a lifetime. We can “give a man a fish” or “teach him how to fish” so he
never goes hungry. So that when they are “in the valley” the path is clear and
although obstacles may impede your way you have the skill and ability to make
it though to the other side and climb the mountain top. Yes every mountain that
we climb will require both the tangible and intangible; the seen and the unseen.
We cant take in that which is new, receive that which is given or inhale our
next breathe and deeply, truly and wholly enjoy it unless we realize that where
to share with one another, give to one another & simply exhale!

How deep are you breathing? How much are
you giving?