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Sustainable Living Fair SLFHR.com

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for The 2015 Sustainable Living Fair. Walking into the Ted Constant Convocation Center 43rd street entrance, the sun beamed upon the guests’ faces as they lit up after seeing the Bicycle Charging Station setup at the main fair entrance. While the rest of the tables and booths were indoors, the bicycle charging station remained parked out front with copious amounts of fresh fruit, ginger root and kale up on display. The station peaked the interest of many attendees. As the inventor; Rob Grandon, explained when the 2 solar powered batteries are fully charged in approximately one sunny day, he uses the station to make fresh drinks, play music on the amplifier and have a fan running for a full tailgate experience.

The Sustainable Living Fair truly transformed the “blue room” of the Ted Constant Center to a green eco-friendly atmosphere full of learning and laughter. This community event unified those with similar careers, hobbies, goals, and missions. The booths varied from organic farmers, VA Master Gardeners, to BPA free Tupperware, local eco-friendly boutiques like Kitsch, farmers markets, food vendors, to chiropractic care. There was some really cool equipment like Bill Smoot’s “Tonic Tower” that grows plants vertically while using less water. There were so many opportunities to learn from these community leaders like, Farmer John Wilson, who spoke about bio char, compost, and soil biology. Dr. Rachel Silver presented her sustainable healthcare workshop, discussing our generations predicted longevity, and how this can make a difference in our lifestyles.

The Future of Farming by Jay Ford explains how industrial agriculture threatens our lives, resources, climate, and brings forth some sustainable solutions for this big problem. Erica Steele addresses concerns with water toxicity and shares more on water sustainability. Jonathan Nye speaks about ThePLOT, an urban food production program creating a network of informed and connected agricultural communities that encourages the consumption of locally produced food. John Deuel also addresses community integration, mobility and litter cleanup while sharing his stories from his journey cycling across America.

See you at the fair!