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Lamberts Point Civic Scholar: “Compost Collab Project”

On October 29th, Ecocycling and the CIVIC Scholars Program will tackle their “Compost Collab Project” and install compost bins at Lamberts Point. Composting is an important part of the food sustainability cycle and having composting plots at Lamberts Point will give YOU and your neighbors the opportunity to waste less and do more for the environment.

Want to know more about composting? Visit theplot.us 

What’s the CIVIC Scholars Program? An initiative of the CIVIC Leadership Institute and ODU, it’s a program that gives university students an opportunity to make a greater impact on their community. Curious? Visit Facebook.com/civicscholarsodu or email Elizabeth Rubi, Program Manager, at civicscholars@civichr.org.



Compostables 101

Our Soil, well…for lack of better words isn’t very healthy. Will you help to make a change in the way you get ride of your organic waste? I’m talking compost folks…we need your scraps and I’m not talking about tossing us a bone (no meat(s), dairy or animal products allowed). If you own a business or are a neighborhood resident and want to help create, grow and rejuvenate our urban environment by contributing to a grassroots and organic composting program lets talk!

Learn more by connecting with us at http://theplot.us