Urban/Rooftop gardens

Our projects range from small porch and backyard plots to expansive urban and rooftop gardens. Ecocycling has a dedicated team of designers, landscapers and volunteers who work together in order to develop lush and beautiful green spaces. We have learned that by providing a natural, green and sustainable environment for future generations communities can be unified and strengthened.
Our team makes sure to include important features such as rainwater collection, renewable energy sources, recycled materials and much more into our designs. We are able to provide environmentally friendly spaces while allowing for the best possible use of all resources. If you would like to join the effort, get more information or would like to utilize our services please contact us at volunteer@ecocycling.com.

Contact us to get involved in our newest project Crossway Norfolk;

Located at 102 West Freemason Street Norfolk VA, 23510!



Weekly trash clean-up

Every week a group of ecocycling volunteers goes into our communities and cleans up litter on the streets. I’m sure you have seen streets in your town that are either neglected or not cleaned up after. It are these very streets that offer us an opportunity to make a change for the better in our communities and environments. So what our ecocycling clean-up volunteers do is so straight forward that anyone can take part. By simply using a broom and trash collector we help to make our streets a greener and cleaner environment!
If you would like to join the effort, get more information or would like to suggest another location please contact us at volunteer@ecocycling.com.

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