Small Garden Bed & Planting 4X4


Small Garden Bed & Planting 4X4 20002

Included In Each Garden Installation:

  • Wooden Frame (10+″ deep)
  • Grass removal and tilled ground
  • Our special nutrient rich organic soil mix
  • Our grid system to separate garden box into 1’x1′ sections
  • Initial garden design & planting with the crops of your choice
  • Email reminders with tips, tricks, and beginner tutorials
  • Access to our online Garden Guide & Forum
  • Freedom to ask unlimited garden questions
  • Access to future services: maintenance, re-planting, and garden clean-up services
  • Drip irrigation system for watering (add-on)
  • Trellis for space-hogging crops such as tomatoes, beans, peas, and cucumbers (add-on)

Note: 15% discounts apply for multiple garden beds and add on bundles. Please get a more specific quote by contacting us today

$250 In stock
Garden Add On's Medium Garden 4X8 (200) Large Garden 4X12 (400) * Cedar Upgrade (80) * Drip Irrigation Grid (80) * Cold Frame (80) * Hail/Shade Cover (80) * Rabbit Fencing (80) * Trellis (80) * Drip Irrigation to Spigot (80) * General Pest Netting (80) * Bench for Sitting (80) * Garden Wood Stain (80) * End-of-Season Clean-up (80) * 1′ Height Increase (200) * 4' Elevated Handicap accessable (80)
* Cedar Upgrade (+$80.00) Cedar lasts twice as long, looks better, and even smells better than Douglas Fir. Cedar is “nature’s treated wood” that will not rot or degrade for well over 10 years. * Drip Irrigation Grid (+$80.00) Drip irrigation system that comes into the bottom of the bed and blankets the top of the soil with over 125 emitters to ensure evenly moist soil for high germination. The drip line is invisible going into the garden but visible on the surface of the soil. * Cold Frame (+$80.00) Extends the growing season four weeks in the spring and eight weeks in the fall. Cold frames are great for extending the season for cold crops (leafy green and root crops), allowing you to harvest vegetables well into December! * Hail/Shade Cover (+$80.00) Easily removable protective cover for hail and shade. It can be left on all summer, or easily removed. These covers are great for locations with full sun or high heat because the material shades 20% of the sunlight. * Rabbit Fencing (+$80.00) An aesthetic green plastic fence that surrounds your garden, allowing you to still reach into the garden but preventing rabbits from jumping in to eat your crops. * Trellis (+$80.00) Trellises are great for climbing crops such as tomatoes, beans, peas, and cucumbers. The trellises are more space efficient, keeping these crops from sprawling all over your garden. Our trellises are 4’ wide and about 6’ tall. The best part of the trellises are when beans or a tomato are hanging 5’ above the ground, ready to be grabbed and picked. * Drip Irrigation to Spigot (+$80.00) We will connect the irrigation to your spigot using a Y connector so you can still use your hose. We will also attach an adjustable automatic timer and pressure reducer, so you can easily change the irrigation time through the season. * General Pest Netting (+$80.00) A frame around your garden with secure netting to keep cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, and all other pests out of the garden. * Bench for Sitting (+$80.00) Back-saving bench on long sides of garden bed for sitting and easier gardening. * Garden Wood Stain (+$80.00) Outside of garden bed painted with wood stain to prevent sun bleaching over time. * End-of-Sea​son Clean-up (+$80.00) End of season garden clean-up, soil amendment, and mulching so your garden is ready for the spring. * 1′ Height Increase (+$200.00) An extra 1′ added to the height of your garden for less bending and easier gardening. Price depends on garden size – 4×8 doug fir beds are $190, 4×8 cedar beds are $210.

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