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ecoART Mural & Picnic Aug 1st


Public “ecoART Mural’s” in Norfolk  Launching Saturday August 1st 2015

We are painting two eco-ART murals in Norfolk and need your help to #MAKEmoreART as we beautify and color our landscape. Each week during the month of August we will have a team captain at each site to provide guidance in the painting of each mural. We simply ask that you come prepared to paint with clothes that you’re not fearful of getting dirty, marked  or painted on. Water and simple snacks will be provided curtisy of our Urban Food Network & partner organizations. More details, times and locations are listed below.

We welcome your support of time and resources; see you on the 1st!

Where: Site Locations

– 35th St at Colonial Pawn  Norfolk USA 7am-10am  (West facing wall)
– 26th St and Church St at “The Hub” USA 4pm-7pm (South facing wall)

Who: Anyone and everyone
What: Help paint two Murals
When: Event Launch Saturday August 1st (Mon-Fri there after)

Thanks For Your Help


Paint Supplies Resource List 

  • Red-2 gallons

    Click here to Get Involved
  • Blue-2 gallons
  • Yellow-2 gallons
  • White-2 gallons
  • Black-1 gallon
  • Brushes (Assorted)
  • Rollers
  • Tarps