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Welcome to ecocycling™!

bikefoodEcocycling™ was brought to life in 2007 with the goal of increasing awareness about current environmental issues through grassroots activities such as our educational forums, Ecocycling™ team, beautification projects, recycling-trash clean up programs and more! Our teams are often out working to create a lifestyle that encompass the core values of naturalists and environmentalists while cultivating non- bureaucratic procedures to accomplish our goals. We encourage you to delve deep, learn about our organization and hopefully become involved with our programs by being a regular supporter.

The  Ecocycling team which helps to grow and spread awareness regarding the environmental issues facing us as individuals, families, and communities. Our riders keep an ear to the street and make sure our voices are heard by maintaining a direct involvement in the community. Since we’re often not in a hurry but would rather develop relationships with those we meet, we have often been called the “Turtles of Racing” because to us it is not how fast you get to the finish but what you have accomplished along the way!

Our educational forums and conferences help to bring groups together in order to move towards a more sustainable future through the sharing of information, resources, and abilities. Our involvement in “greening” the landscape is taken to the next level with numerous beautification programs. From simply planting a single tree to creating urban and rooftop gardens we help to transition developed and often cold looking city scapes to a blanket of lush and living greenery. When we are not planting for the future you may find us cleaning up the trash and waste left behind by others though our recycling and pedal up to clean-up programs.

At Ecocycling™ we not only offer hands on learning & volunteer projects but we also have important sustainable programs to keep you actively engaged and involved in the process. Ecocycling™ provides people with the tools and knowledge to make a difference in our environment.

Urban/Rooftop gardens

Our projects range from small porch and backyard plots to expansive urban and rooftop gardens. Ecocycling has a dedicated team of designers, landscapers and volunteers who work together in order to develop lush and beautiful green spaces. We have learned that by providing a natural, green and sustainable environment for future generations communities can be unified and strengthened.
Our team makes sure to include important features such as rainwater collection, renewable energy sources, recycled materials and much more into our designs. We are able to provide environmentally friendly spaces while allowing for the best possible use of all resources. If you would like to join the effort, get more information or would like to utilize our services please contact us at

Contact us to get involved in our newest project Crossway Norfolk;

Located at 102 West Freemason Street Norfolk VA, 23510!



Haiti Mission 2010-2020

We still have HOPE for HAITI…do you?

Join us as we encourage and equip the men, women and children of the island nation to rebuild, restore and revive their land together. Every season we send small teams of dedicated workers to contribute their time, talents and treasured gifts to the local people of Haiti. By continuing our collaboration with local leaders, teachers, farmers and business people we help to make a difference in the lives of others! Be part of the team either as an adventurous traveler or remote supporter you’re needed to help change the tides and “Sow seeds of HOPE” in the lives of others!

ECO Cycling Haiti Poster

I Bike Haiti do you?

Contact us to learn more

We are also collecting PET (plastic) bottles for Solar water disinfection. These bottles will be collected while in Haiti to help cleanup the community, stop their chorlea outbreaks along with many other creative & gardening uses. Please recycle or even better stop purchasing used plastics bottles at home and remember those in Haiti.

By sending us an email with your contact information and message at we will provide you with more details into our ongoing programs from “Here to Haiti”!

” The January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti, Hopefull people responded with emergency relief buckets and the distribution of medical supplies and food. “