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Join us for our annual board meeting the 3rd Tuesday of every October 6-7pm as we delve into our programs, projects, initiatives and plan for the road ahead. Interested in joining our team or being part of one of our community task forces?

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From elementary to advanced "environmental art" is used in a variety of different contexts: it can be used to refer to art describing the natural world, art that celebrates personal engagement with the natural world ("art in nature"), and to the practices of ecological artists, whose work directly addresses environmental issues ("ecological art" or "eco-art") through educating people about the natural world, or intervening in and restoring the natural world.

EcoArt is distinguished by a focus on systems and interrelationships within our environment: the ecological, geographic, political, biological and cultural. Ecoart creates awareness, stimulates dialogue, changes human behavior towards other species, and encourages the long-term respect for the natural systems we coexist with. It manifests as socially engaged, activist, community-based restorative or interventionist art.

Your purchase helps to provide direct mentorship and service learning to youth in our Leadership and Environmental Ambassador Program (LEAP).











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