Mobility Advocate

Bike-Lane  In cities, commuting by car is usually done in single-occupancy vehicles over a relatively short distance in congested traffic.  Commuting by car negatively impacts commuters themselves as well as the wider community and local and global ecosystems.  Being a “mobility advocate” means just that:  advocating for a more sustainable form of mobility.  Bicycling is among the most sustainable modes of transportation:  it incurs negligible greenhouse gases, incorporates physical activity into your daily routine, and costs little compared to the cost of maintaining a car.

There are plenty of opportunities to help get you started bicycling.  Being familiar with the local laws ( ex: Virginia laws ) for bicyclers on the road is crucial for safe riding.  Bicycle safety classes teach traffic skills and group riding skills among other critical information. Helping new riders feel more comfortable on the roads is important to how we grow and increase ridership.  There are also plenty of videos available to quickly learn more about how to bicycle for transportation or recreation on your own.

Bike Ambassadors promote using bicycles as a form of recreation, exercise, and transportation.  Part of the Ambassadors aim is to improve the health, economy, and overall well-being of our community through biking events, education, encouragement, and outreach.


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