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The Leadership and Environmental Ambassador Program (LEAP) works with youth and adult leaders using Science, Technology Engineering & Math educational models to engage with organizations and businesses working in GEO climate, energy, transportation and environmental health fields.  LEAP educates the local community and mobilizes others to act for the good of the whole ecosystem.

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Bicycling is one of the most sustainable modes of transportation.  The Bicycle Ambassador Program offers bicycle skills & safety training to people of all ages.  By increasing knowledge and awareness about how to ride and share roads, ambassadors improve safety conditions for people using those roads.  Bicycle Ambassadors advocate for better bicycle-friendly infrastructure including trails, protected bicycle lanes, equitable parking and policy change among others.  The program encourages more people to bicycle, as it is a great way to incorporate exercise, reduce your carbon footprint, and stay healthy.

The ELF is our way forward, a Solar Powered Electric Vehicle from Organic Transit!  The ELF is “the most efficient vehicle on the planet,” getting the equivalent of 1,800 miles per gallon.  This vehicle allows you to burn calories, not oil:  it is a solar and pedal hybrid vehicle powered by both the “driver” and the sun.  The vehicle can charge in the sun for about seven hours of use, but can run much longer if pedaling instead of or at the same time as using the motor.  Reaching 20 miles per hour with the motor and 30 miles per hour with motor and pedaling, the ELF is perfect for getting around in an urban area.

Ecocycling is in the process of acquiring ELF vehicles to use with The PLOT initiative and connecting more community gardens across the globe.  The vehicles will be used for collecting compost and delivering produce from our network of local residents and businesses to help move forward the much needed process of creating new soil for our gardens and micro farms while feeding our communities.

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