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Haiti Mission 2011

ECO Cycling Haiti Poster


We are collecting PET (plastic) bottles for Solar water disinfection. These bottles will be delivered to Haiti to help stop their chorlea outbreaks along with many other creative uses. Please recycle your used plastics bottles to us. By sending us an email with your contact information and message at we will provide you with a local drop off location.


Weekly trash clean-up

Every week a group of ecocycling volunteers goes into our communities and cleans up litter on the streets. I’m sure you have seen streets in your town that are either neglected or not cleaned up after. It are these very streets that offer us an opportunity to make a change for the better in our communities and environments. So what our ecocycling clean-up volunteers do is so straight forward that anyone can take part. By simply using a broom and trash collector we help to make our streets a greener and cleaner environment!
If you would like to join the effort, get more information or would like to suggest another location please contact us at

Or click here for our calendar!