I Bike Haiti

Discover your purpose and live your passion by joining or supporting our team to travel into the world and make a positive difference in the lives of others one person at a time!

From Here to haiti
“Clean your goggles and see through new eyes”

Travel the world with local ecocycling tour guides as we help you
break out of the status quo, and lead you into an exhilarating life of adventure! Don’t expect the usual over-crowded destination, walled-off tourist hotel, or insular vans and buses. Do expect a fun, active, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and socially enriching experience. Our tour programs are active, designed to be combined with a subsequent and contrasting program to allow for a longer experience with our native & partner organizations. With over 6 short term explorations to Haiti in the last few years our on the ground team of adventurers we’re ready for another journey; Contact us to schedule your adventure…

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