Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it\'s the only thing that ever has. --Margaret Mead

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Is to be stewards of the environment & our communities by helping to create, develop and maintain a sustainable habitat for every person to live and thrive in.


Knowing that some issues don't “fix” themselves we must take responsibility for those issues that affect our environment in order for sustainability to flourish. Our goal is to foster active environmental awareness through leading by example. From our advocacy programs, educational forums, Cycling teams, beautification projects, recycling programs and more we help to make a positive impact in our environment one moment at at time.





The organization was created in 2007 to increase awareness about current environmental issues through grassroots activities such as the Eco cycling team which helps to grow and spread awareness regarding the environmental issues facing us as individuals, families and communities. Our riders always keep an ear to the street and make sure their voices are heard by maintaining a direct grassroots involvement in the community. We have been nicknamed the “Turtles of racing” because to us is not how fast you get to the finish but what you have accomplished along the way!

Our Educational forums and conferences bring a group together in order to move towards a more sustainable future through the sharing of information, friendship and community. Our involvement in “greening” the landscape is taken to the next level with numerous beautification programs.

From simply planting a single tree to creating urban & rooftop gardens we help to transition the developed cityscapes to a blanket of lush, living greenery. When we are not planting you may find us cleaning up the trash and waste left behind by others though our recycling/clean-up programs.

We have recently launched our new Product line and our East Coast Biking Tours. Both of which have allowed us to supplement our main source of funding and maintain a top notch group of volunteers and projects. The majority of funding however comes from your generous contributions and our amazing Partners.

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